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Balloons for Company Picnics!  Birthday Parties!  Carnivals!  Weddings!

Balloons for Photo and Film Shoots!  Entertainment for Adults and Kids!  Custom Event Decor!

Burke is a Balloon Twister and Magician in the Portland Oregon Metro Area. He is available to make balloon animals for your special event.

Call (971) 270-0826 or email us at booking@magicburke.com

Get custom balloons twisted for your party and keep all the kids entertained for 90 bucks.  

Give me a ring or fill out whatever information you have and I will get in touch with you for specific pricing!

Call (971) 270-0826  or email us at booking@magicburke.com

After you send me your contact information and the date of the event, I will get in touch with you within 24hrs to discuss the details.  Then you are free to relax and focus on the other aspects of the event, knowing that the balloons are all taken care of.  

On the date of the event I will show up with all of my gear.  If you need balloons for decor, I will twist up some custom decorations.  If you need an entertainer, I will craft a personal creation for each guest at the event.  Either way, everyone will be amazed and you will get all the credit!

Why Hire A Balloon Twister?

There are two reasons why you need an expert balloon twister at your next event: decor and entertainment.  Custom twisted balloons create personalized delight and always fit the occasion.  In terms of keeping your guests entertained and decorating the party at the same time, balloons are by far the best for your budget.

A balloon twister will entertain each guest.  That means it is very important to hire a balloon twister who understands that each guest is a customer and knows the finer points of customer service.  Make sure the balloon twister can put the right face on your event.  I have spent many years in the customer service industry, specifically in event and the party business.  My focus has always been on serving each person with as much friendliness as possible.

Balloons are a very inexpensive way to take the decor of an event to a much higher level.  People tend to laugh and smile when they see just one balloon. Now imagine when they get a crazy balloon hat that fits in with the theme of your party! Balloons have the power to tie an event together, whether it is simply by color or by a particular theme or message.

The possibilities for decorating with balloons are as limitless as the imagination.  I am a balloon twister and so I focus on making custom balloon sculptures on site. Twisting is just one way of decorating with balloons but it allows me to make each creation personalized and, quite simply: It is what I love to do!

I have to admit that I used to be an anti-balloon grinch until I found out that I could use balloons that were 100% biodegradable!

For more info on me and what I do check out my Facebook page.

To book Burke for your event call Burke at (971) 270-0826 or email him at burke@magicburke.com  

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